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Start wherever you are at with your personal experience of Yoga...

It is safe here at Triangle Studio Stavanger

to develop flexibility, calm and to get welcome benefits from

group yoga at Yoga Stavanger by the sea. 


This is a Non Competitive, Peaceful Yoga Space, we run classes with

a carefully hand picked selection of quality and devoted yoga instructors. 

A nice bonus is that you have a Heated Floor to keep your toes warm!

This is a Heavenly Haven for Yoga right by the sea here in Stavanger! 

Designed with your Wellbeing and Peace of Mind in Centre Focus. 

We positively welcome those beginning their experience of yoga

with a very inclusive Atmosphere that is the opposite of intimidating!

We can lend you a mat and bolster, if you don't have your own

(we have up to 5 spare mats).

It's nice for you to bring your own blanket or throw for the

relaxation at the end of yoga classes.

Please let your instructor know if you have any injuries or physical restraints.

Popular types of yoga

Medi Yoga:  Stressmestring Kurs med Karianne fra Vlinderhagen hos Yoga Stavanger By the Sea

Vinyasa yoga:  Also called flow yoga. Follows a continuous movement of shifting poses.

Ashtanga yoga: Follows a regular and set pattern of dynamic movements – the same all over the world. More suited to more advanced practitioners.

Hatha yoga:  An umbrella term. The poses are more thorough and are usually held longer than Vinyasa.

Yin yoga:  Calm relaxation yoga, with a focus on flexibility and easing the joints.

The same pose is held for several minutes.

Hot yoga:

Follows a rigid sequence in a room with a temperature set to 30-40 degrees Celsius.

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