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Beginners Yoga

with Karianne Sunde Herheim



MediYoga™ Norway










Hello, my name is Karianne!

I am a trained nurse and MediYoga therapist and have a background in aid work, psychiatry, substance abuse care and pharmacy, among other things.


I am passionate about more drug-free health management. My main philosophy is to give you good stress management tools, so that you can have more profit and joy in your everyday life.


I lived with PTSD - post traumatic stress syndrome - for several years. It led me to the discovery of the importance of self-presence and the presence of nature, and how we can be helped to process painful memories through deep presence and acceptance.

Yoga entered my life for the first time in 2004 and I have good experience in helping you who are in difficult life situations, so that you can get the best possible benefit from yoga as therapy. I am a stress coach and also have education in herbal and aromatic medicine.

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