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Driving to yoga?
*IMPORTANT* Drive along Veritasveien past the

businessesDNV & SVAL while construction is going on

Are you curious about Ashtanga Yoga?

Would you like to be confident with the poses?

Asbjørn takes care to pay attention to YOUR learning, more than a typical yoga class.  He's an incredible observer, and gives helpful tips that will benefit your yoga practise throughout your life.

Get the all the benefits of practicing yoga, learning how YOUR body, breathing, posture and attitude reacts to each pose with this special attention from Asbjørn.

You experience practicing the poses in a way which is enjoyable and helpful for YOU. 

With his attentive guidance you will learn:

- How to correctly move IN and OUT of poses

- How to STAY in the poses

- Options, for your accessibility level

- How to breathe

After just a few weeks, Asbjørn's clients find themselves with much greater confidence not only in their yoga practice, also their every day life.


Because they get EASE, GRACE and FLOW, which we all well know, can apply beautifully to everyday life too!   

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